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#MiixFelt panels absorb sound and reduce echo in noise filled spaces.

Our in-house substrate ‘Miixfelt’ is made from 50% compressed and shredded recycled plastic bottles and 50% polyester felt to make a highly sustainable and acoustic diverse material. 

Available in 46 colours curated by the Lumii design team.

#Revolutionmiixfelt #Lumiimiixfelt



Various thicknesses of Lumii Miixfelt undergo acoustic testing at Salford University in a specialised Reverberation Room. This specialised chamber features a concrete floor situated on a rockwool insulation board for effective vibration isolation. Designed to be highly reverberant, the room serves the purpose of evaluating the absorption properties of materials utilised in both room construction and noise control.

Constructed with painted dense brick walls, a reinforced concrete sloping roof, and a non-parallel wall arrangement, the room is deliberately crafted to enhance diffusion and provide comprehensive testing capabilities.

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Advantages of Miixfelt PET Bottle Recycling

  • Eco-friendly Fibre: 10 plastic bottles yield 400g of polyester fibre.

  • Oil Savings: Recycling 1 ton of bottles saves 3.8 barrels of oil.

  • Carbon Reduction: 1 million bottles recycled cut 180 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

  • Oil Dependency: 10% of oil is used for plastics.

  • Energy Efficiency: Recycling needs 8x less energy than new production.

Miixfelt Recycling Process


  • Sorting and Cleaning: Bottles are sorted, cleaned, and labels removed.

  • Flake Production: Bottles are ground into flakes, heated, and turned into filaments.Felt Production: Blend recycled PET with virgin polyester, heat and press to create sheets.


#Revolutionmiixfelt #Lumiimiixfelt

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