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‘Solitude’ Collection


Introducing our ‘Solitude’ collection of cut out suspended acoustic screens, meticulously crafted to cultivate an atmosphere of tranquillity and serenity, whilst creating privacy within bustling open spaces. 

In the contemporary workplace, the lack of acoustic comfort has become a prevalent concern. While some individuals might thrive in a lively, bustling office, others seek solace in a quiet and composed environment for optimal productivity. Our screens, made from 50% recycled PET and provide an eco-conscious solution that strikes the perfect balance.

These innovative screens boast a diverse array of designs, ranging from captivating geometric patterns to biophilic elements, all carefully curated to enhance aesthetics while delivering functionality. Beyond their visually appealing features, they serve a multifaceted purpose, making them a truly versatile addition to your commercial setting.

Solitude offers an ideal solution, effectively segregating different zones and fostering a sense of personal space. Embracing the principles of open-plan, flexible, and co-working environments, these screens seamlessly adapt to various layouts.


However, their benefits extend far beyond spatial organisation. Our acoustic screens play a crucial role in managing noise levels, ensuring a serene ambiance where concentration and focus can thrive. Say goodbye to distracting background noise and embrace the conducive atmosphere they create.

In conclusion, our suspended acoustic screens are a thoughtful and sustainable choice, elevating any area into an oasis of productivity and well-being. Transform your space into a haven for success and contentment.

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