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Sustainable Acoustic Solutions for Architects
and Designers

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We are a British Design Company creating beautiful interior spaces with Miixfelt™, a sound absorbing felt-like composition incorporating recycled plastic bottles, available in 46 curated colours.

Join us at Clerkenwell Design Week 2024

Project - Stand PB4

Set in the beautiful grounds of St James's Church, Project brings together a leading selection of workplace furniture and surfaces brands from around the globe.

Launching Lumii Wrap, Lumii Drape, and 6 New Miixfelt™ Curated Colours.

An acoustic cassette made from byproducts, beautiful Acoustic curtains, an Art Deco collection of hanging screens, and New colours, created with Colour Hive London.

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Lumii Drape

Elevate your space with our sophisticated Acoustic Wave Curtains. 

Crafted for precision noise reduction, these heavy, sound-absorbing curtains feature a specialised core layer, enveloped in decorative fabrics from Camira's renowned Blazer & Sumi collections.

Sumi Fabric
Sumi fabric 2
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NEW shades of Miixfelt™ Now Unveiled!

Our in-house substrate Miixfelt™ is made from 50% compressed and shredded recycled plastic bottles and 50% polyester felt to make a highly sustainable and acoustic material. 


Visit us at stand PB4 in Project @ Clerkenwell Design Week 2024


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Introducing StratoScape By Lumii, an inspirational range of modular acoustic ceiling rafts creatively designed to cater to the needs of architects and designers, while delivering exceptional acoustic performance.


Explore our extensive collection, proudly crafted in the UK using our in-house Miixfelt, composed of 50% recycled plastic bottles. 

Discover 18 captivating acoustic ceiling raft systems meticulously engineered for effortless suspension above spaces in need of both reverberation control and sound absorption.

With the architect and designer in mind, we've structured this range into easily customizable modules, streamlining the specification process. By determining the dimensions of a single module and assessing the area in need of acoustic treatment, architects and designers can effortlessly integrate multiple modules to create a captivating ceiling landscape. Each item in the collection is available in our Miixfelt curated colour range, chose from 27 beautiful and unique UK stocked shades.

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of StratoScape by Lumii, where the seamless blend of architectural creativity, sustainable design and unparalleled acoustic performance unfolds an extraordinary experience.



StratoScape By Lumii offers a versatile solution for various applications. Whether suspending a single module over one or two desks or incorporating multiple modules over a cluster of workstations, our acoustic ceiling rafts deliver both visually striking aesthetics and optimal functionality. The incorporation of multifaceted blades ensures that StratoScape By Lumii effectively absorbs, diffuses, and dissipates unwanted reverberation, guaranteeing acoustic comfort for all environments. 



A seating system using a sustainable application of materials designed for times of individual focused work or collaboration.


Using a high back PET surround made from our Miixfelt for acoustic and visual privacy and manufactured from 50% recycled bottles, Drift is designed to achieve a better environmental balance using a responsible application of materials.

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Acoustic Interior

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  • Acoustic Hanging Screens

  • Acoustic Curtains

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Custom Design

  • Digital Creation

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  • Fabrication Services

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Expert Sound Advice

  • Pre Fit-Out Reports 

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  • Optimisation Of Acoustic Performance

Miixfelt Sample Box
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Various thicknesses of Lumii Miixfelt undergo acoustic testing at Salford University in a specialised Reverberation Room. This specialised chamber features a concrete floor situated on a rockwool insulation board for effective vibration isolation. Designed to be highly reverberant, the room serves the purpose of evaluating the absorption properties of materials utilised in both room construction and noise control.

Constructed with painted dense brick walls, a reinforced concrete sloping roof, and a non-parallel wall arrangement, the room is deliberately crafted to enhance diffusion and provide comprehensive testing capabilities.


Products made with Miixfelt™ not only have excellent acoustic properties, due to their porous structure, they are also aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. In line with our commitment to sustainability, we optimise every design to minimise cutting loss and avoid the need for glue, facilitating recycling. Inevitably, residual material is produced during production, but we recycle it into filling for our acoustic products. We also repurpose larger pieces of surplus material as packaging, further reducing waste. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the design and production of our products, as we constantly explore new ways to minimise our carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly practices in the industry.

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