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Introducing Summit, the newest addition to Lumii's Groove range of acoustic wall panels.

This striking panel showcases an eye-catching diagonal V-cut design, skillfully crafted using our in-house Miixfelt. With meticulous precision, each panel is cut in the UK utilising our state-of-the-art Zund CNC machine, ensuring exceptional sound absorption and subtle diffusion. 

The sleek, diagonal lines of Summit harmoniously establish an inviting texture to the space, artfully guiding your gaze towards both the floor and ceiling, thereby creating a heightened perception of expanse. Our panels can be used side by side in the same direction or alternated to give a zig zag look. Elevate your surroundings with Summit and experience the transformative power of acoustic design at its best.

Available in 9mm and 12mm thicknesses and offered in a curated selection of 46 captivating colours, Lumii's Groove panels are designed to meet your diverse needs. These panels excel when used in repetition across multiple installations, allowing you to fashion awe-inspiring, large-scale statement walls.

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