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Roasted Coffee Bean Husk

Discarded coffee bean chaff from local roasters provides an organic, natural, and earthy finish for our HUSK acoustic panel. The outline of the coffee bean shells give it depth and interest, creating a beautifully textured surface.

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Husk Hospitality.jpg
  • Features:


  • Available in 9mm and 12mm thickness with a selection of 36 curated colours.

  • Panel dimensions of up to 1220mm x 2800mm per panel.

  • Manufactured using 50% recycled PET sourced from used plastic bottles.

  • Fully recyclable at the end of its life, promoting sustainability.

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK, ensuring quality and ethical practices.

  • Resistant to moisture, mould, and mildew, guaranteeing durability.

  • Free from formaldehyde binders, ensuring a healthier indoor environment.

  • Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), promoting better air quality.

  • In-house production facilitates fast lead times and complete creative control.

  • Customizable panels can be crafted from your own designs for a personalised touch.

  • An exciting range of designs that add visual interest, texture, and creativity

  • Easily applied to walls to create acoustic absorption & diffusion

Surface: Coffee Bean Husk set in Bio resin.Substrate: FSC PEFC Certified MDF

Substrate: FSC PEFC Certified MDF

Back Panel: 100% PET-50% Min Recycled Polyester, Formaldehyde Free

Dimensions: 2800mm x 600mm

Thickness: 19mm

Weight: 12.5kg Per Panel

Acoustics-PET back panel: NRC 0.85 with 50mm Air Gap (Absorption & Diffusion)

Fire: EN 13501-1 Class B-s1 d0

Benefits: 100% Recyclable & Made in Sussex, UK


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